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Infrared Contacts have different purposes. They are extremely hard to find, setting the demand for them through the roof. The contacts can be expensive due to common economics, “Supply and demand” theory. This article will guide you through how the contacts are created, safety protocol & risks, and the different uses of the infrared contact lenses.

The infrared lenses are created using a press machine. The contacts are basic average 13 mm contact lenses (the basis for any colored contact or Halloween fun contact) and are then used in a press machine to embody the red filter. The red filter is a safe plastic filter that when you look through it, you see purple/red vision mimicking “UV vision”. The UV vision can aid your vision to see wavelengths that you normally cannot see. This is how “invisible ink” works. The markings are so light that the human eye cannot see it, yet when using the aid of UV Vision you can stoop to a level to view the light markings. The markings are not light when using the aid. The filter actually portrays the markings as a dark marking so it is as clear as day when you are looking through the filter.

When wearing any type of contact lens you must follow safety protocol to reduce safety risks. To prevent risk and infection, the consumer must refrain from sleeping in the contacts. Consumers must clean before and after each use gently using contact solution and storing in a contact approved case. Contact cases and contact solution can be purchased at any retail store. The average time the consumer should wear the contacts is 0-8 hours per 24 hour period. So if you are going to be a magician and wear these contact lenses, remember to only make your performance 8 hours maximum. This prevents protein build up and lack of oxygen to the eye. Remember to use the safety protocol with any contact lenses, infrared or not.

The basic knowledge of the infrared contact lenses starts with the history. Why were they created or “invented”? The red/purple UV like filter that is applied to the contact lenses allows certain “perks” with certain activities. The infrared contact lens is famous in the magician genre, but also spreads all the way to the fun/entertainment field. The Ultra violet filter in the contact lens makes any magician ready to purchase the contact lens which brings us to the first and most popular use for the contact lenses, the magician use. Magicians young and old research ways of freaking out audiences with out of this world techniques and strategies to make the audience as confused as possible, “how does he do that!” is the goal! Infrared contact lenses can achieve this goal because they can read invisible markings on cards. The cards just have to be marked with invisible ink and now the magician can read every card without looking at the face of the card. Making it look incredible when they guess your card! Another use for these contacts is entertainment/fun. Read hidden messages with friends, play “spy”, or write down your deepest secrets. The invisible contacts can view your messages and can be a real entertaining and fun idea! Last but not least, the contact lenses can be used for show. Halloween is a fun event for young and old. If you use the wider UV filter to make yourself look like you have dilated pupils, this will be a great showcase to any character in the Halloween role. Throw in the magic and it’s a wrap!

Source by Andrew Almeida

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