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If your truthful answer is yes, please read on and be prepared to be astounded.

Do you realise that your dependence on vision correction prescribed by your optician, may actually be making your sight worse?

When was the last time your eye test revealed that your eyesight had improved from the previous eye test?

Interesting thought don’t you agree?

This simple but effective method guarantees perfect vision, without the need for any dangerous and expensive eye surgery!

Would you want a life without corrective eye-wear if it were possible?

Have you considered eye surgery but are worried about the long term effects it may have?

No long term effects are yet documented as, the procedures are relatively new and, as such conclusions may take years to show up, as with all fairly new techniques.

Dr.Bates used to be an optician until the defining moment he realised that people who lived in remote jungle locations, never suffered from poor vision.

Careful research by Dr. Bates also looked at the fact that children rarely need glasses until, the ophthalmic services decide they need them.

Did you know that our ancient ancestors rarely if ever suffered from poor vision? Recent archaeological studies shows clearly that our ancient ancestors had 20-20 perfect vision,which they relied on to hunt, fish and make tools.

It is a proven fact that, if you have any sight at all, you can reverse poor vision and regain 20-20 vision and, keep it for ever.

I did not know about these amazingly simple methods of regaining my youthful uncorrected vision until, I researched this method.

I was so surprised at the huge amount of research by Dr. Bates that I have just ordered this system for myself because, I am so sick of losing my glasses or, not being able to find them when I need them!

If this strikes a chord with you then please read on.

This scientifically proven method by Dr. William H. Bates gives clear simple step by step instructions that have benefited thousands of people just like us, as his huge testimonial dossier clearly shows.

Those of us who feel the compulsion to read only wearing some form of eye correction will understand.

This is by far the most compelling information I have ever seen for sight restoration and, you owe it to yourself to see this information which, is even documented on You Tube videos as I write.

Think of what you could do with 20-20 vision and, the money you would save using a natural way instead of eye surgery or, a life dependent on glasses you really don’t need!

Eliminate steady deterioration in your vision as you get older and, we all age regrettably.

It would be so good if we got younger but, totally illogical unfortunately.

These simple natural techniques were used by all the American Forces to improve recruits poor vision and, are still used around the world, especially sniper training where, eyesight is so crucial!

Upon Dr. Bates death, the powers that be tried to obliterate his life times work, they burned most of his weekly newsletters and his books claiming, that the ophthalmic services had lost a fortune thanks to his dedication to sight restoration.

William H. Bates was a pioneer in natural eyesight regeneration techniques, to whom, we all owe an enormous debt of gratitude. He gave us a choice,natural restoration or, high costs for life.

Take the time to see full details on this topic and improve your tomorrows!

Written by Eric Breeze on the 18th. July 2010.

Source by Eric Breeze

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