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What a lot of people do not have any inclination about is many celebrities actually adorn colored contact lenses in order to achieve their desired appearance as well. For instance, did you know that Britney Spears does not naturally have blue eyes? Her eye color is actually brown she uses colored contacts to help her obtain an eye color that she desires.

Another infamous celebrity that has been seen a number of times adorning colored contacts is Anthony Hopkins. Mr. Hopkins sure scared a lot of our tails off in the role that he played as Hannibal Lecture. However, do you remember the dark color of Dr. Lecture’s eyes?

His eye color was actually dark brown; this look is actually achieved with brown contacts. Anthony Hopkins natural eye color, believe it or not is actually a stunning light blue. It’s amazing what a simple pair of colored contacts can do to alter someone’s appearance in a big way.

While many people know contact lenses as a tool that helps people to be able to correct their vision, colored contacts cannot only help you with vision impairments, but they can also assist you with changing your present looks.

In fact, more people obtain contacts simply to change their looks. In most cases the decision to obtain colored lenses as opposed to other lenses are simply based off of cosmetic wants, and they are not something that is based off of needs.

Hazel contact lenses are another great lens that looks amazing on people that have naturally dark eyes or naturally light eyes. These particular contact lenses are not too overbearing for anyone to wear, and for the most part many people will begin believing that hazel is your natural eye color. Now, in many people’s cases this would not be a problem at all.

Celebrities are avidly known as people that start famous trends that others tend to follow after. One celebrity that definitely capitalizes with colored contact lenses is Paris Hilton. Don’t you just adore her opaque blue eyes? Would you be surprised if you found out that blue is actually not Hilton’s eye color? Her natural eye color is brown.

It’s kind of crazy that these colored contacts completely take over your natural eye color and can lead people to believing that your eyes are a completely different shade altogether. Colored contacts have definitely changed the way that we view to celebrities, and they can also change the way that people view you.

Source by Cody Scholberg

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