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If you wear glasses, you might be considering a pair of prescription swimming goggles. While some swimmers manage without any eyesight aid in the water and others resort to their glasses or contact lenses, there are a number of reasons why goggles with the same prescription as you would usually wear in your glasses are superior. Here we consider why they are a better option:

Prescription Swimming Goggles Are Safer

Although contact lenses are a popular option amongst swimmers with vision problems, they really shouldn’t be worn in the water. If contact lenses get wet, they will absorb whatever is in the water, be that chlorine, other chemicals or microbes; soft lenses are the worst for this. This then increases the risk of irritation, eye infections, corneal ulcers and at the most severe, loss of vision. If you really must wear contacts, use daily disposables and take them out as soon as you have finished your swim. However, these goggles help to protect your eyes by preventing the entry of harmful substances, whilst ensuring your vision remains clear. Swimming related eye problems will be a thing of the past when you switch to prescription swimming goggles.

A More Practical Option

Swim without any aid when you don’t have perfect vision and you will struggle to see what is happening; you run the risk of swimming into others or missing something important, which is particularly an issue if swimming in open water. Glasses can easily come off, especially if you are knocked in a busy pool, while contacts can also dislodge; both also prevent you from swimming under water, which obviously limits the strokes you can use and prevents you from diving in. Prescription swimming goggles on the other hand will give you the good visibility that you have become used to. They will also stay in place for the duration of your swim, so you won’t need to worry about them, allowing you to concentrate on your stroke and giving you the freedom to put your head under the water. This flexibility allows you the same opportunities as swimmers who don’t wear glasses.

Easy to Arrange

All that you require is to know the prescription of the lens that you require for each eye; if it’s a while since your eyes were tested, arrange for this to be repeated. You can then either purchase prescription swimming goggles with the nearest prescription to your own or have them custom made.

Source by Laura J Holmes

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