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Modern contact lenses are made of materials that possess UV absorbing properties. Moreover, in the production process of many lenses is added UV barriers. But this should not mislead people who wear contact lenses that they do not need glasses. Contacts cover only a small part of the eye and only this part is protected from UV rays. So in summer and winter sunglasses are needed to protect the entire eye and eyelid area.

Contact lenses and ski glasses. Some suitable ski glasses protect the eyes of athletes during the winter in the mountains not only from UV rays but also from injures. Ski glasses must fit tightly to both the eyes and laterally to protect the eyes from the airflow and related with it drying of the eye surface. This is particularly important especially for people who wear lenses. The dry air and airflow in the sports, associated with the development of high speed, as skiing or snowboarding, can lead to big trouble.

Contact lenses and winter air. Symptoms of “dry eye” are subject of complaints from many people. Cold, wind and conditioned air intensify the symptoms such as feeling of dryness, a sense of foreign body or burning in the eyes. This can lead to intolerance to contacts. As skiers apply to their skin proper cream against dryness, people who wear lenses should use drop tears in order to wet their lenses and ocular surface. And those who do not play sports in winter should not neglect the health of their eyes. Too warm places with not enough humidity dry the eyes and a mean against this can also be the artificial tear. The cold wind can contribute to short-term feeling of dry eyes and tearing. So in these cases is recommended the appropriate clothing – hat that covers well the head, scarf and sunglasses.

Contact lenses and sauna. Contact lenses have the advantage that they do not sweat and this makes the sauna a real pleasure. People who wear contact lenses should not worry that their lenses will merge with the eyes, because they retain the body heat. But if your lenses have a high percentage of water content, this may lead to irritation or even intolerance due to dry and hot air. Burning and increased deposits on the lenses can be caused by the sweat, which falls into the eyes, so it is better for you to use moisturizing tear drops before and after you visit the sauna.

Contact lenses and solarium. Solariums are most preferred during the winter season. In order to protect our eyes from the harmful UV rays we must wear glasses. Before using the solarium you may put moisturizing drops to avoid the possible occurrence of dryness. This means that you can wear your lenses in solariums but you should take care of your eyes.

Source by Dimitar Mitrovski

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