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Zombie White Looking for a pair of contact lenses to take your next creepy costume to the next level? The Daily White Colored Contact Lenses are the perfect pair to give you that seriously scary finish for Halloween.

These white contacts feature a completely white iris and black pupil to create an eerie white eye without affecting your own vision. These contacts are perfect for finishing off a variety of costumes including Zombies and Demons!

Zombie White

The great thing about these costume contacts is that they are completely disposabledaily contact lenses so you can just throw them out when you’re through scaring people! So if you want all eyes on you at the next costume party or convention, treat yourself to these Daily White Colored Contact Lenses today!



As well as classic zombies, monsters, ghosts and ghouls, you could use these White Zombie Contact Lenses to create a huge host of creepy characters. Here are some ideas to help you start to get creative with your character creations.

  • Grindelwald (Fantastic Beasts)
  • Regan (The Exorcist)
  • Walkers (The Walking Dead)
  • Papa Emeritus (Ghost – Band)

These lenses can also give the visual effect of a smaller black pupil which can help to replicate plenty of anime or cartoon characters. If you love horror as much as we do then there are plenty of horror antagonists and evil villains you dress up with thanks to these contact lenses.


  • Comes As A Pair (2 Lenses)
  • Featured Lens Covers Iris
  • Full Visibility Remains
  • Not Suitable For Use Whilst Driving
  • Single-Use Only
  • Contains 55% Water
  • Check Your Suitability Before Purchase

    Have a question about using our coloured contact lenses? Make sure to visit our Care Guides to find frequently asked questions, step by step guides, and RX information all in one place.
    To help you choose the right lenses for you, when you are looking at a product you will see:

    • Product Measurements: In the product details, we list the diameter and base curve so you can ensure that the lens measurements match your latest prescription.
    • Product Duration: Some lenses such as 30 day and 90-day types are re-usable whereas daily lenses are designed for a single-use only.
    • Type: You are ordering either Plano (non-prescription) or Prescription contact lenses. Make sure to choose your prescription strength when you add the product to your basket if you are ordering a prescription product. Prescription strengths are not added afterwards.

    Remember: You should always consult your optician for a contact lens fitting, even if you are wearing non-prescription coloured contact

    Transparency Guide: Each product is rated Enhancing, Vibrant, or Full Colour to help you choose a style to cover your natural eye colour.

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    Written by: Affiliatic Tech


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